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Procedure to apply for Russian visas online from Dubai

Visa to Russia?

Russia's art and culture have been admired throughout the world. A distinctive cuisine can be found in this mighty nation as well. There is no doubt that Russian vodka is the best in the world. You'll need a visa to enter Russia, whether you're staying for business purposes or tourism. A visa is needed to step into this country. Getting a Russian visa is complicated nowadays, but we have made it easier. Several forms have to be filled out to apply for a visa. Aaban Travel provides you with the highest quality services at an affordable cost. If you need assistance with the visa approval process, our team of professionals will be happy to assist you. Simply provide the required documentation and leave everything to us.

In Dubai, getting a Russian visa is a bit of a hassle. We have aided thousands of applicants to get their visas approved by the Russian Embassy. As soon as we have reviewed all the documentation you submit to us regarding tourist visa, study visa or business visa.

UAE Residence Visa Copy

Return air tickets must be submitted

Your visit to Russia should be explained in a cover letter

The visa application form must be filled out with all the required details

Letter of confirmation from a Russian tour operator

It is necessary to provide an original bank statement for the last 6 months

2 Passport size photos with white background

Visa Types for Russia

The Russian Embassy will issue you a visa to enter the country. It's a legal requirement. There are two types of visas issued by the country, depending on your purpose of travel. They are:

Russian Tourist Visa Single Entry

Russian Tourist Visa Double Entry

Business visa Types

Russian Business Visa Multiple Entries

Russian Business Visa Single-Entry

Russian Business Visa Double-Entry

Visa Processing Time

Russian visa emergency process: 24 hours

Russian visa express process: 2 working days

Russian visa normal process: 6-7 working days

Enquire us today to get your visas. We are here to guide you.

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